Welcome! 2017 has been a year of incredible growth for Hope & Healing Africa and we are excited to share this growth with you in a *new* format- a blog!

Many moons ago, our only online presence was through a blog that we used to update families and friends while our short-term teams were in country. With the incorporation of HHA as a 501(c)3 in 2013, we launched a full website and abandoned our original blog. That blog still exists here, if you would like to see a piece of our history.

Otherwise, keep watching as we recap this last year, introduce our board members and staff, and feature previous team members’ experiences!

First blog post

A Night of Hope- The Highlights!

At the end of April, Hope & Healing Africa hosted an event, A Night of Hope, to honor one of our founding members, fundraise, and announce our newest focus. If you were unable to attend, here is a glimpse at what happened!

Recognition of Dr. Randy Claassen

Dr. Claassen first visited Nhaloi Hospital in the summer of 2012 with a group of professionals and returned with a growing desire to serve in Mozambique. He and his family helped support Nhaloi Hospital’s staff and was instrumental in the founding of Hope & Healing Africa. At A Night of Hope our president was able to honor Randy and his wife Janice for their commitment.


Music by Steve Rue and McPherson College Students

Throughout dinner and a silent auction guests were able to enjoy music by artists Steve Rue and Madison Fitzmier, as well as several pieces by a group of students from McPherson College.


Saving Grace Maternity Project

At the event, Hope & Healing Africa announced the launch of an initiative to raise funds for the renovation of the maternity wing at Nhaloi Hospital.

Our goal is to bring in 100 donors who are able to each give $200.


And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who helped organize the event and to those attended! We couldn’t have done it without you!

*Edit: We are continuing to raise funds for Saving Grace over the next few months. Watch closely for a tour of the maternity wing and update from our current team on the ground during July.

Join us for #GivingTuesday

Want to learn more about the inner-workings of Nhaloi Hospital? Stay tuned with us as we feature the people who are the heart of Hope & Healing Africa – the local staff!


The Mozambican staff consists of 11 people. Our 4 midwives, Adelina, Constancia, Adelaida, and Rosa, work day and night to provide safe, competent deliveries in the maternity wing. Adelina and Rosa also spend mornings working in the pharmacy to provide needed medications. Rafael, a life-long resident of the Nhaloi community, covers maintenance needs. Alfiado is in charge of hospital security. Alfeu assists in the pharmacy, emergency room, and clinic. Rosalina is an orderly working tirelessly around the facility with restocking supplies and cleaning. Vergineta works in the well-baby clinic to provide post-partum and newborn screening.

Husband and wife team, Alfredo and Julietta Sevene, are at the center of the Nhaloi team. Look for more of their story in our next post!

To partner financially with a staff member, visit http://www.hopehealafrica.org/donate to donate for #GivingTuesday